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We are validators!

Spearheading the evolution of Web3 with robust validation services and tailored decentralised solutions: we fortify networks & drive innovation in the digital realm.

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OAM regulated staking operator in Italy!

Our Ecosystems

Our specialised ecosystem is dedicated to PoS chains, fostering growth and innovation. By exclusively supporting these networks, we contribute to a sustainable, secure, and efficient Web3 environment.


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Our services

As regulated custodians, we provide secure, built-from-scratch nodes, offering bespoke solutions & tools for blockchain companies & developers, ensuring seamless integration & enhanced functionality.

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About us

Our passionate team combines proficiency in blockchain, security, and creative problem-solving to deliver custom solutions, driving the decentralized landscape to new heights of innovation.

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How NEAR is Building a Community Centered Ecosystem and Investing in New Technologies

08th July 2024

One of the core focuses of the NEAR Foundation has always been to create something that transcends…

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Unlocking Potential: The Impact of Cross Chain Signature on NEAR and Beyond​

24th June 2024

The current landscape of blockchain technology is marked by fundamental limitations, akin to a scenario where a Gmail user cannot send messages to an Outlook email address…

Colossus X q Foundation

Colossus and Q Protocol Unite to Solve Blockchain's Governance...

12th June 2024

Colossus is proud to announce that it supports the Q Protocol as a validator and custodian, as an institutional grade partner we are sure to bring a solid improvement to both of our ecosystems…


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All our partners and providers

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