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Cover Article 7/5/24

Unlocking Institutional Crypto Assets: The Secure Staking...​

7th May 2024

Utilizing Fireblocks’ robust enterprise-grade infrastructure, Colossus has built an innovative platform geared at institutions called the Staking Hub…

TokenPocket x Colossus

Colossus & TokenPocket break new ground: Launching our...

30th April 2024

Colossus as a node staking provider has integrated its services directly into the TokenPocket application, integrating Colossus validation services for the “HAQQ”…

cover article 23/04/24

Paris Blockchain Week and Dubai2049: two weeks of innovation...

23th April 2024

Paris Blockchain Week solidifies its status as a paramount event in Europe for blockchain professionals and institutions, while the same holds true for Dubai Token2049…

cover article 09/04/24

Introducing Meta Pool: Empowering DeFi building on NEAR...

9th April 2024

 Serving as a leading liquid staking solution for NEAR token holders and beyond, Meta Pool significantly contributes to enhancing the mass adoption and decentralization…

Cover article 02/04/24

Bitcoin's Layer-2: Unlocking A New Potential?

02nd April 2024

After reaching a new ‘all-time high’ and with the upcoming April 2024 halving, Bitcoin continues to hold its dominance and is, in fact, jumping into new realms…

Colossus x Ledger article cover on Substack

Colossus x Ledger: Partnership Announcement

15th March 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Colossus Digital, already an OAM regulated custody provider in Italy, has now partnered with Ledger Enterprise, becoming the first regulated partner of Ledger…


Colossus x ETHDenver 2024: Ethereum was not on the podium...

8th March 2024

At the ETHDenver conference held last week, initially centered on the Ethereum blockchain, developers and teams from diverse ecosystems such as Bitcoin, Solana, and Polkadot were also in attendance…

colossus article data 3 march 2024

Is the bull market of cryptos just getting started?

3rd March 2024

Let’s dive deep into a market analysis of Bitcoin. As the primary cryptocurrency by market capitalization, monitoring it can provide insights into the tendencies of the broader crypto market…


NEAR Protocol and it's HEREwallet integration for Telegram: A successfull bridge for mass adoption

23rd February 2024

The trend of incorporating self-custody wallets into widely used social media platforms like Telegram is happening just as more and more people are gravitating towards Superapps and Everything Apps…

ethdenver x colossus cover

ETHDenver: One of the biggest crypto event is coming soon to Denver

16th February 2024

ETHDenver 2024 marks the pinnacle of Web3 innovation, drawing together Ethereum enthusiasts, blockchain devotees, and tech creatives from across the globe. Every February, Denver becomes the epicenter for over 20,000 visionaries, entrepreneurs…

cover article-12-02-2024

Deepfakes and data integrity: understanding the risks and the possible solution

12nd February 2024

Ever heard of deepfakes? They’re like the chameleons of the digital world, blending reality and deception in a way that’s seriously concerning…

near cover article

Near 2024: True Blockchain Strength and Self-Sovereignty - Why Colossus Stands in Support

26th January 2024

Colossus joined forces with NEAR, forging and building a shared Vision for ethical tech futures and the decentralized evolution of the tech landscape…

bitcoin etf article cover

The Rise of Bitcoin ETFs and Their Game-Changing Impact

12th January 2024

The Bitcoin ETF Approval Sparks Speculation on Regulatory Developments and Widespread Adoption in the Crypto Market…

article cover 29/12/23

A Promising 2024: A Glimpse Of The Future By Colossus

29th December 2023

The crypto’s landscape is constantly changing and Colossus will be at the forefront of inclusivity and finance accessibility. What are the other opinions for this 2024? lets take a dive into them…

article cover n.2 29/12/23

Cryptocurrency Regulations Across Nations: A Landscape Analysis

23rd December 2023

In the dynamic world of financial technology, the rise of digital currencies is reshaping the global economic landscape. Let’s see involvement of central banks in adopting blockchain technology…

article cover 16/12/23

Navigating New Horizons: The Challenges Presented by the Rise of CBDCs

16th December 2023

CBDCs are a Gray Zone for Both Innovation and Regulation – Ripple expressed itself on their potential and many countries are working to implement Digital Currencies. Will this change Web3.0?…

cover article 8/12/23

Fireblocks SPARK '23 in Mexico - The Future Of Web3.0

8th December 2023

SPARKing the Future: Colossus at the Web3.0 Event by Fireblocks in Mexico.
Introducing SPARK ’23: Fireblocks’ annual flagship event, a unique convergence of ideas, leadership, and education shaping an unparalleled crypto conference experience…

cover article 1/12/23

Living in the Web 3.0: Striking a Balance Between Regulation and Progress

1st December 2023

Web 3.0 brings a new era of decentralized tech. But, there’s a conflict between rules and progress. Finding the right balance is key for Web 3.0 to grow responsibly and sustainability…

cover article 24/11/23

Importance of Compliance and Regulation in Crypto Businesses

24th November 2023

Following the recent developments involving Binance and its CEO Changpeng Zhao, the blockchain industry receives a stark reminder of the imperative nature of regulatory requirements and compliance…

article cover 17/11/23

The Evolution of Staking in Web3.0: From Staking to Self-Restaking Liquid Pools and Eigen Layer

17th November 2023

In the era of Web3.0, where decentralization and blockchain technologies reign supreme, staking mechanisms have undergone a remarkable evolution. Let’s trace this evolution together…

Article cover colossus mod

Embracing Testnet: A Fundamental Step for Web3.0 Companies

15th November 2023

In Colossus, we’re all about innovation. For us, that means diving into the depths of the newest tech while keeping our solutions reliable. A big part of this journey? Actively being part of Test-nets…

istanbul cover article

Staking Rewards "Staking Summit" Istanbul 2023 x Colossus Digital

10th November 2023

The blockchain industry is living with anticipation as the annual Staking Summit 2023 approaches, and even this year the event promises to establish itself as one of the most important event regarding the various staking ecosystems breathing and living in the web3.0 world…

Maker logo

The Future of Finance: Understanding MakerDAO's Potential 8% DAI Savings Rate

28th July 2023

MakerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It is one of the pioneering projects in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space, with its native stablecoin, DAI, playing a crucial role in the ecosystem…

article substack 14/07/23

A High-Stakes Week in Crypto: Industry Shifts, Legal Battles and Technical Advancements

14th July 2023

The landmark judgment in favour of Ripple and its digital asset XRP has served as a watershed moment for the industry. It has softened the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) stance towards cryptocurrencies, culminating in exchanges like Coinbase reopening XRP trading…

cover article 07/07/23

The New York Fed's Experiment with Digital Assets Payments

7th July 2023

The experiment involved both domestic and international payments between major financial institutions, including non-bank financial companies. However, it’s important to note that this does not indicate that the Fed has decided to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC)…

Article cover 23/06

The United States Supreme Court and the Coinbase Case: A Landmark Decision

23rd June 2023

The Supreme Court’s decision centred on two class-action lawsuits filed against Coinbase. The plaintiffs in these cases alleged that Coinbase failed to provide proper relief after users lost money and that the company engaged in deceptive advertising…

cover article 16/06/23

BlackRock's Bold Venture into Bitcoin ETFs: A New Dawn for Institutional Cryptocurrency Investment?

16th June 2023

The world’s largest asset manager has lodged an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch the iShares Bitcoin Trust, a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF)​1​​…

cover article 08/06/23

The DAMS Bill: A Beacon of Hope for the Crypto Industry

8th June 2023

The United States Republican Party has been in the limelight recently by introducing a new, groundbreaking cryptocurrency legislation known as the “Digital Asset Market Structure”…

cover article 26/05/23

The Evolution of Custody in the Digital Asset Ecosystem: A Closer Look at Ledger's Journey

26th May 2023

In the realm of digital assets, the twin principles of security and self-custody have long served as the North Star for those seeking to maintain control over their digital wealth…

article cover 12/05/23

Liquidity, & Cross-chain MEV: A New Frontier in DeFi

12th May 2023

The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new innovations and challenges emerging regularly. In this article, we will explore the concept…

article cover 28/04/23

Crypto-Friendly Hong Kong: Latest News from the HKMA​

28th April 2023

As the world watches the rapid adoption and growth of cryptocurrencies, Hong Kong has taken concrete steps to embrace the industry and foster an environment of financial inclusion…

article cover 21/04/23

A New Dawn for Crypto in Europe: Embracing MiCA​

21th April 2023

With an overwhelming majority of 517 votes in favour and only 38 against, the EU is about to enter a new era of transparency, consumer protection, and environmental responsibility…

article cover 14/04/23

Shapella: What's Next?

14th April 2023

Examining the aftermath of the ETH upgrade, the surge in open interest for futures contracts, and the influence of macroeconomic pressures and the banking crisis on the evolving…

cover article 07/04/23

Sovereign Rollup Chains: A New Era of Blockchain Scaling

7th April 2023

Sovereign rollups are a groundbreaking technology poised to revolutionise how decentralised communities interact while resolving the long-standing issues of speed, cost, and scalability…

cover article 31/03/23

Citi Anticipates Tokenisation to Become Crypto's Killer Use Case

31st March 2023

In their recent March 2023 GPS paper, Citi outlines the growth of tokenisation as a substantial business opportunity, transforming both real-world and financial assets.Check out our article…

cover article 24/03/23

This Week in Crypto: FTX, SVB Collapse, and Coinbase's SEC Battle

24th March 2023

The cryptocurrency world has seen quite a bit of drama this week with FTX seeking to recover $460 million from a Bankman-Fried-backed VC firm, the Federal Reserve chairman expressing confusion…

cover article 17/03/23

Crypto's Banking Problem: The Challenge of Building a Parallel Financial System

17th March 2023

The trillion-dollar crypto industry is facing a banking crisis, with three of its crucial financial partners – Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Capital, and Signature – shuttering within the past week…

cover article 10/03/23

Biden's Tax Proposal for 2024: Implications for the Crypto Industry

10th march 2023

On March 9, 2023, the Department of Treasury released the General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2024 Revenue Proposals. Among these proposals was a plan to impose an excise tax on…

cover article 03/03/23

An Overview of FTX's Second Presentation for Stakeholders

3rd March 2023

The bankruptcy hearing report published on Thursday, March 2, suggests the company struggles to meet its financial obligations, including paying back lenders and creditors. Based on current spot prices…

cover article 24/02/23

Coinbase Launches Ethereum Layer-2 Network, Base, as It Enters Phase 3.5 of Its "Secret Master Plan"

24th February 2023

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has announced the launch of its Ethereum layer-2 network, Base. Base will initially be incubated within Coinbase…

cover article 17/02/23

The Current State of the Stablecoin Wars

17th February 2023

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has been intensifying its regulatory policy towards the crypto industry, and the stablecoin market has been one of the main targets of the agency…

cover article 10/02/23

The Staking Crackdown: An Opportunity for Non-US Investors?

10th February 2023

However, despite the initial panic, the announcement presents an opportunity for non-US-based investors to benefit from staking rewards. In this post, we’ll explore the implications…

cover article 03/02/23

Exploring the Ripple Effect: How Fed Policy Shapes the Crypto Landscape

3rd February 2023

The Federal Reserve recently raised interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, marking the beginning of a series of smaller rate hikes. The US central bank cited Russia’s conflict in Ukraine…

cover article 27/01/23

Understanding Stablecoins: The Merge of Public and Private Money

27th January 2023

Stablecoins have quickly become one of the most talked-about topics in cryptocurrency. This is because they represent a unique blend of public and private money, offering many advantages…

cover article 20/01/23

FTX is hoping to reboot its international exchange, according to CEO John J. Ray III

20th January 2023

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, FTX CEO John J. Ray III, the veteran bankruptcy attorney leading the embattled crypto firm through its restructuring, said he would explore…

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